Floor Graphic Lamination film

FGL100 is a clear PET with a permanent PSA that is used for lamination over indoor floor graphics and other printing output. Designed to meet anti-slip, anti-scratch and anti-abrasion needs.

Main feature & application
  • Super transparency PET without any macula
  • Strong stickiness, skid proof and abrasion resistance
  • Compatible with any type of inkjet images
  • Used for protection graphics in high-traffic indoor display areas
  • PVC and PET material availability
  • Used for protection graphics in shopping malls, airports, hotels, game stores, casinos and other high-traffic indoor display areas

Direct Print Non-Slip Vinyl

for floors, walls & sidewalk graphics

FGN-500 is one step solution for digital printing & floor graphic applications. It generates an excellent, scratch-resistant print image and thus does not require an additional protective laminate. Not only its slip-resistance, but also its direct printability and residue-free removability makes this product a safe and at once efficient floor graphic solution.

Main feature & application
  • Multipurpose floor advertising sheet with a slip-resistant and anti-retardant characteristic
  • Adhesive properties are designed to facilitate construction and residue-free removability
  • Long durability due to the composition of PVC and Fabric
  • It adheres well to any surface such as a carpet or curved surface.
  • Direct printability: No needed an additional protective laminate
  • Universal printability: UV-Curable, Solvent, Eco-Solvent, Latex ink

Window Graphic Film

Specially formulated to create see-through window graphics for both interior and exterior applications.

Unique performance allows for full viewing of a graphic image on one side, while still allowing people to see through a window from the other side.

Main feature & application
  • Easy installation without bubble
  • High transparency and well matched with window glass
  • Excellent printability with UV, Solvent and Latex inks
  • Rework. No adhesive residue
  • No curl & good flatness
  • Short and mid-term window display, trade shows display, shop display

Digital Printing Media

Designed for outdoor graphics including signs and banners, as well as POP displays

a)Self Adhesive Vinyl

Digital self-adhesive vinyl is a soft, seamless, monomeric calendered PVC film. Designed to meet high resolution outdoor and indoor graphics applications from vehicle wraps to signs and banners, as well as POP displays

Main feature & application
  • Material consistency for superior color expression and excellent printing performance
  • The structured adhesive makes the film repositionable during transfer
  • Superior weather resistant property and strong durability
  • Compatible with an extensive array of solvent, eco-solvent, HP-Latex and UV inkjet printing
  • Building or wall’s wrap decoration, Vehicle graphics,  Interior and exterior signs, Point of sale advertising

b)Backlit Film

Backlit film created by coating white ink-jet to transparent

polyester raw materials and optimized for the lighting

Main feature & application
  • Superior image quality and luminance
  • Unique fast-drying formulation that makes it a top-quality solution for a range of full-color needs
  • Wide colors for lighting, shelter advertisement and department store POP

c)Lamination Coating Film

Developed for the protection of digitally printed SKCS inkjet media. Suitable for indoor & outdoor graphic applications to enhance and protect large format pictures. Premium grade of laminating roll film that is suitable for cost effective indoor and short-term outdoor usage.

Main feature & application
  • Impregnated with a highly sensitive acrylic glue which bonds itself when pressed
  • Enhance color and durability images
  • Protect against UV radiation and abrasion
  • Protection for images from the damaging effects of moisture, fingerprints, dust and other contamination
  • Used for coating output surface and preventing faded colors
  • OPP, PVC and PET material availability