Specialized in the manufacture of optical film for displays, functional film for electronic materials, inkjet media and etc

SKCS is a specialized coating film company dedicated to develop and manufacture optical film for displays, functional film for electronic materials, inkjet media and etc.

With ten years of experience in overseas marketing and new product development, we realize a creation of customer-oriented value. For instance, quality of our inkjet media is now acknowledged by a number of overseas market and it is now on sale as OEM brand of world leading corporate. We will be working on research and make a greater efforts to develop products which satisfy customers’ needs and maximize the creation of client’s value-added business.

We will do our best efforts to pursue a company who can be trusted and committed to the customer satisfaction.


Established6th August, 2004
Main Products

  • PSA coated film for signage commercial graphics
  • Optical film for display devices & Functional films for electronic materials

LocationHead Office / 1st Factory
Sansu-ro 554beon-gil, Chowol-Eup, Gwangju-City, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea
R&D Center / 2nd Factory
29, Daepyeonggyo-gil, Kwangduk-Myon, Dongnam-Gu, Choenan-City, Choongnam, Korea
PresidentMr Sangkoo Kang
Employee50 Persons
Intellectual Property rights & Certifications
Patent Registration :

  • No. 10-1339446 “Back Sheet for Solar Cell & its manufacturing method”
  • No. 10-2007-0086591 “Coated Film for Preventing Sticking & its manufacturing method”
  • No. 10-2007-0072421 “Film for Eco-Solvent”
  • No. 10-0830132 “Film for White Board“
  • No. 0290276 “Curved Sash & its manufacturing method”

Patent Apply :

  • No. 10-2014-0074586 “Multi layer adhesion tape”
  • No. 10-2013-0075240 “High polymer complex particles that contain near-infrared absorption compound and a near-infrared absorption filter using that”
  • No. 10-2007-0086591 “Anti-sticking coating adhesion film & its manufacturing method”
  • ISO 9001 / ISO14001 / INNO-BIZ / Venture Business
  • Clean Factory
  • R&D Center affiliated to the company certified by government
  • Clean Factory certified by the Ministry of Labor
  • Material Specialized Company