Optical Control Technology
  • Harmful Light Block Technology

    Selectively blocking harmful rays of a specific wavelength range of NIR, NE, UV and etc.

    Applicable productUV shielding film, IR film, display color filter

  • Control technology of visible light range

    Technology that controls the penetration ratio and reflect ratio of the visible light in a specific wavelength range.

    Applicable productBLC film, Display color filter, Window film

Surface Finishing Technology
  • U/V Hard Coating

    UV hardening hard coating technology that implements the material properties of high hardness, durability, antistaining, skid proof and etc.

    Applicable productLCD protective film, Hard coated film for ITO film, Hard coated film for polarizing plate protection, In Mold film

  • Water/air block Barrier coating

  • Pretreatment Technology

    Technology which improves an adhesion between a plasticized film and a lack of compatibility of coating chemical

    Applicable productBacklit film, PMMA Coating film

Process Control Technology
  • Multilayer Coating Facility

    Technology that can laminate many layers at a time thanks to control technology of chemical properties.

    Applicable productPhoto printing film, Thermoplastic resin coated film, Sensitized film

  • Air Bleed Technology

    Specific air release channels within the adhesive layer makes airs, trapped between the film and the surface, be escaped. It enables the product to applied quickly and easily.

    Applicable product Graphic adhesion film for wide format, Label for electronic components auto line, Adhesive product for consumers

  • Slot die Process Technology

    Coating technology that can effectively control the thickness smoothness of coating layer and properties stability.

    Applicable product Various precise coating products

  • Lamination Technology

    Laminated technology that grants thermal stability, durability & weathering resistance, thermo stability and etc by stacking layers with different properties

    Applicable product Back sheet for solar cell , Cell and electronic materials