Manufacturing Facility(Line #1 / 1st factory)


  • Coating Width : max. 1600mm
  • Head : Comma / Gravure Reverse
  • Dryer : 21M(3M X 7zone)
  • Boiler : Direct fired gas system, Chamber dispersion placement
  • Coating Speed : 10~80 m/min

ProductsUsagePerformance & Feature
Inkjet MediaPrinting media for commercial graphics
& Office Uses
  • Keeping high resolution
  • Excellent surface gloss and smoothness
  • No Curl
  • Quick ink dry
  • Various adhesion type
    ** Development of 250mic PET Solvent Backlit Media (Industry first)

Board FilmSurface material for writing
  • Excellent durability
  • Various applications : Resurfacing old board, Projection screen surface, Interactive whiteboard system and etc
  • Keeping an indigenous feature of color, thickness, hardness and flatness
  • Free from expansion and surface contamination

Decoration SheetFurniture/Wallpaper interior & Glass Deco
  • Products processed by various designs of PVC film or PET film
  • Keep an unique properties of color, thickness, hardness and smoothness
  • Free from expansion and surface contamination
  • Give a special function of flame proof/antipollution/high glossy

Coating Film
Photo protection after printing
  • UV block
  • Image protection
  • Give a texture and sense of volume

EtcSlip-resistant film
Anti-pollution film
Anti-sticking film
  • Slip-resistant film of the floor
  • The film which has a function of anti-pollution and easy removal for outdoor usage
  • The film that prevents other extraneous matter from being attached(Co-hosted by 3M)