Challenging business environment and assignments that we’re facing today

The year 2015 is very important for SKCS. As 2nd factory has completed, now is the time for us to bear fruit of continuous R & D and marketing by constructing a manufacturing base of an optical film and the functional film for electronic materials.


As a result, we will establish a solid foundation for the growth of a global company in 2015.
In addition, we will become a strong and reliable company through a conceptual shift and continuous innovation.

I believe only these “growth and innovation” continue to grow our company’s corporate values ??and a way to secure a foundation for future growth. Also, I’m sure this is the only way that we can be loved by customers and grow into a sturdy company recognized in the world.

Be loved all the members of the SKCS family and customers!

We will now create a new decade based on effort and enthusiasm over the last 10 years.
In addition to this, we will jump up to be a leading company in the world through continuous innovation and strong competitiveness in the future. I feel the vision and happiness because I’m with you.

Thanks !

CEO Sangkoo Kang