High Functional Decoration Film

SKCS Decoration SKIN is a surface material for everyday life and industry, such as home appliances,

furniture, construction and exterior. Based on a variety of designs and excellent quality durability,

our films increase customer satisfaction for valuable product and outstanding stability.

Sign & Graphic Films

  • Floor Graphic film

FGL100 is a clear PET with a permanent PSA that is used for lamination over indoor floor graphics.

FGN500 is one step solution for digital printing & floor graphic applications. Not only its slip-resistance, but also its direct printability and residue-free removability.

  • Window Graphic Film

Specially formulated to create see-through window graphics for both interior and exterior applications.

Unique performance allows for full viewing of a graphic image on one side, while still allowing people to see through a window from the other side.

  • Digital Printing Media

Digital self-adhesive vinyl is a soft, seamless, monomeric calendered PVC film.

Designed to meet high resolution outdoor and indoor graphics applications from vehicle wraps to signs and banners, as well as POP displays.

  • Lamination Coating Film

High quality and pressure sensitive cold lamination films.

Used for the protection against abrasion, fading colors, graffiti and scratched dirty as well as enhancing the colour depth and finish of the print.

Board Film

  • Gloss WHITEBOARD self-adhesive film  

Ideal to resurface your old worn out whiteboards or create a whiteboard surface on any smooth surface.

  • Matte WHITEBOARD self-adhesive film  

Ideal for projection usage as well as a whiteboard. Use any whiteboard markers leaving no ghosting or staining.

  • GREEN/BLACK CHALKBOARD self-adhesive film

Ideal for creating traditional chalkboard surface and can be used to resurface worn out chalkboards.

To be used with dustless chalk, liquid chalk and standard chalk as well for restaurant menu board.

  • Gloss & Matte TRANSPARENT self-adhesive film

The self-adhesive clear whiteboard film is a highly transparent laminating film and turns every surface into a writable whiteboard. Ideal for customized fancy memo/sketch board, information board, schedule board, education board and etc.

  • Pre-cut Board Film

Logos and photographs personalize and brand your dry erase board. Whiteboards not only can be custom-printed, but also can be made in custom sizes.