Manufacturing Facility(Line #2 / 2nd factory)


  • Clean Room : Room 1,000class / Head 100class
  • Coating Width : max. 800mm
  • Head : Slot Die : 1 Layer
  • Cascade Die : max.9 Layers
  • Curtain Die : max. 9 Layers
  • UV Curable Hard Coating System
  • Coating Speed : 10~150 m/min
ProductsUsagePerformance & Feature
PDP FilterFilter that is put on the front side of PDP panel to prevent a harmful electromagnetic wave and block neon light as well as color calibration.
  • NIR and Neon cut function
  • Excellent wetproof and sun-proof
  • No change of physical properties to the temperature change cycles
  • Defect-free product by dust free facility

Optical Clear Adhesive sheet(OCA)
Touch panel for a Smart Phone, Tablet PC, and Navigation is made of a multilayer structure using the optical clear adhesive sheet (OCA).
  • Light transmittance
  • Moisture and entry barrier properties

Blue Light Cut : BLC sheet
Film that blocks blue light range of 380 ~ 500nm coming out of LCD & LED, weakening the contrast sensitivity and increasing eye-fatigue. Cutting the blue light wavelength only while passing other lights wavelength to increase the contrast sensitivity and keep transparency